Innovation is our passion!

The year 2011 sees HS-Technik GmbH celebrating its 25-year jubilee and looking back on 30 successful and innovative years in the fields of rechargeable battery, screwdriver and rivet technology. The foundation stone of HS-Technik GmbH was laid by Hans-Martin Hanke in August 1986 with the development of a multi-charger for rechargeable power tool batteries. The largest customer for the still hugely successful multi-charger stations is the automobile industry that requires robust and reliable tools in its production systems.


Today, HS-Technik GmbH supplies rechargeable riveters, electric screwdrivers, control units, robotic screwdrivers and many other products in addition to its battery chargers and rechargeable screwdriver technology.

Innovation is our passion!

This idea has guided the actions of HS-Technik GmbH for more than 30 years. We have made a name for ourselves as an innovative partner in the automobile, aviation and rail car industries when it comes to hand-held screwing and riveting technology. As a pioneer, we unite experience and expertise to create high-quality products for maximum customer benefit.


Especially in the hand-held power tool sector, HS-Technik GmbH sets new standards with its innovative products. Here our attention is focused primarily on process control, process security and process documentation. Thanks to creativity and constant research, we create products that fulfill the needs of the industry.


As the inventor of the frequency modulation impulse charging process® for battery packs and thanks to future-oriented research, HS-Technik GmbH is also a leading partner to the industry in this sector.

Quality awareness

Thanks to our high quality standards, we are certified to ISO 9001:2008. To ensure continuous improvement and fulfill our customers increasing quality requirements, HS-Technik GmbH undergoes internal and external audits and ISO certification on an annual basis. HS-Technik GmbH products are subjected to test runs before shipment and checked for correct functioning and accuracy.


For quality control, we use only the latest test equipment that, of course, is calibrated and serviced in line with the latest regulations. Our customers have the opportunity to download the current homologation values for our cordless screwdrivers from our website free of charge.

Environmental protection

Since environmental protection is of great concern to us, we rely on renewable energies. Our solar system supplies the power we require and fulfills all of our needs. We thus actively reduce our CO2 emissions. Thanks to efficient power management for our products, less power is consumed.

The charger stations in the MV2 Series charge batteries > 95% full. Thanks to the special charging process, we optimize the cycle count of the battery, thus reducing industrial battery waste. This is especially important for Li-Ion batteries, since these have reached their max. service life after approx. 1,000 charging cycles.

HS-Technik also offers capacity meters for battery testing. These units assess whether or not a battery is still suitable for use in production. Thanks to this process, several thousand batteries can be saved from premature and thus unnecessary scrapping each year.

We are here for you!

A team of qualified employees guarantees the production of high quality and tested products, as well as fast and flexible service in repair, service and maintenance work.


We are flexible in our activities and can be on-site with our customers in a very short time. Just a few hours after the arrival of a faulty maschine it´s prooved and a quotation is made and sent to the customer. After the release the maschine will be repaird as soon as possible. Spare parts for all standard machines are kept in stock, achieving a very short turnaround time. The service quality is also valued by our partners. This is underscored by the fact that HS-Technik GmbH has been the official service point for HIOS tools in Europe since 2010.


On-site service is another very important topic. For large repair, service or update activities, our service team comes directly to you and takes care of everything on-site.

Jubilee book
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