Our vision provides clear objectives that form a framework for guiding our company toward sustainable growth.

  • Employees: Creating good jobs that inspire our employees to do their best.

  • Portfolio: Offering a range of high-quality products that satisfy our customers‘ expectations and requirements.

  • Customers: Establishing good relationships to ensure long-lasting partnerships and benefits.

  • Environment: Using resources responsibly.

  • Quality: Striving for perfection in everything that we do.


Our mission declares our intentions as a company, at the same time setting the standards by which we measure our decisions.

  • Developing and manufacturing products that benefit our customers

  • Developing and manufacturing products that change something

  • Always staying one step ahead

  • Adapting quickly to customer and market requirements

  • Managing the company in a sustainable manner

  • Using resources in an environmentally conscious way


Our values dictate our actions.

  • Management: Mutual trust, loyalty, and open and honest communication.

  • Collaboration: We encourage and support our employees.

  • Passion: We put our hearts and souls into our work.

  • Market-oriented: We get out into the marketplace, listen, observe, and learn.