What is our vision and how do we reach our goal?

  • Employees  Create good jobs that inspire our employees to do their best.
  • Portfolio  Offering a portfolio of high-quality products that customers expect and satisfy their needs.
  • Customers  Build good relationships that guarantee a lasting partnership and benefits.
  • Environment  Responsible use of resources.
  • Quality  We do what we do with perfection.


What are our intentions and standards as a company?

  • Customer use  Development & production of products with customer benefit.
  • Change  Development & production of products that change something.
  • Looking ahead  Always being one step ahead.
  • Adaptation  Quick adaptation to customer and market requirements.
  • Sustainability  Sustainable corporate governance.
  • Environment Environmentally conscious use of resources.


How do we behave?

  • Management  Mutual trust, loyalty, and open and honest communication.
  • Collaboration  We encourage and support our employees.
  • Passion  Commitment with heart and soul.
  • Market-oriented We get out into the market, listen, watch and learn.

HS-Technik GmbH

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79588 Efringen-Kirchen


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