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TorqBee ®

The new NutBee series sets standards in the installation of blind rivet nuts. The force-controlled system with monitored paths guarantees a fully functional installation of the bind rivet nuts regardless of the sheet thickness.

The new, intelligent cordless screwdriver series. From programmable torque control screwdrivers to WLAN cordless DC screwdrivers, the new TorqBee series offers the right tool for any application.

PowerRiv ®

The latest innovation in the high end blind rivet technology! The brushless high powered engine gives a setting power of up to 18,000 N. The 1.9 kg light weight lays good in the hand and processes blind rivets up to 6.4 mm (each material). Pressure control and collection container monitoring as per EU Directive! The 18 V powerhouse are programmable via USB interface and user-friendly software.

QuickRiv Technology

QuickRiv enables a fast processing of the blind rivets.


Tool without QuickRiv:

Setting time: 3.1 sec. / rivet


Tool with QuickRiv:

Setting time: 1.2 sec. / rivet

Battery blind rivet setting tool as fast as a pneumatic tool!



MV3-Charger technology

Battery blind rivet technology

Programmable cordless screwdriver technology

2-bay and 4-bay charger for Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd Power Tool batteries. Special charge mode, no voltage conversion required and much more. Load your different batteries of different manufacturer at the same time. For each battery the compatible adapter.

Battery blind rivet setting tools from 12,000 up to 18,000 N setting force. Programmable via USB interface in the foot of the tool. Blind rivet counting function, collection container monitoring, display, scanner, pressure control and much more.

Light weight and powerful! Torque and angle of rotation sensor. Programmable via USB interface. User-friendly software. Communication with external devices. Quality control and process savety!

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