HS-Technik GmbH not only supplies special tools we also develop them individually for each customer. In this way the „Elephant“ was born. At this pistol screwdriver we added two 90° angle heads, so that they can move in a 45° grid. So hard to reach screws can be tightened easily. Also the „Wheelmaster“ is an exotic which is used for the preinstallation of wheels in the serial production. „Hercules“ with super screwdriver power is a screwdriver which exceeds the 12,0 Nm mark with its up to 24,0 Nm. „The Compatible“ is our latest development. It is a screwdriver stand with a mechanical redirection, which can adapt to most screwdrivers. It can hold the most screwdrivers. The tool can be started with an external button in the linear slide. That guarantees maximal ergonomics for the user.

As inventor of the frequency modulation impulse charging process® for battery packs and by sustainable development the HS-Technik GmbH is a leading partner in the industry. Our latest product are the MV2-multi-bay-charger stations. They are available as 2-bay, 4-bay and 8-bay version. With these charger stations there is no voltage conversion required and you can charge different batteries of different manufacturers at the same time. The voltage range goes from 1.2 V up to 35 V. With the HST-Visu Software charge processes can be recorded and analyzed.

With Premium Li-Ion batteries from HS-Technik, you get a lot of power with little weight under your machine. Currently, the Li-Ion batteries represent the power peak of battery technology. There is a weight savings of up to 40% as compared to Ni-MH batteries. Thanks to RFID detection, Li-Ion batteries can be charged directly on our HST-MV2 charger station. A particular advantage of this charger station is that it charges Li-Ion batteries > 95% full.

In production, power tool batteries are quite often sorted out as being „defective“ although these batteries still possess more than 80% of their original capacity. Previously, these batteries were often replaced untested with new batteries. The unnecessary costs and unnecessary environmental burden due to this practice are frequently neglected. Here there are test methods that pay off even after a very short time. The capacity meter KMS-2012 was developed to test the capacity of power tool batteries. The unit was designed so that it fulfi lls the requirements of modern battery technology. Previously, the new Li-Ion batteries with voltages of up to 48 V could not be tested.

Premium Power Tools!

This claim is more than fulfilled by the easy-to-use, high-performance cordless screwdriver with torque transducer and angle encoder. With a USB interface integrated into the foot of the tool, the TorqBee pistol screwdriver (0.8 - 14 Nm) and angle screwdriver (1.5 - 85 Nm) can be programmed freely in 100 programs. The user-friendly HST-Tool-Manager programming software guarantees quick and easy programming of the tools for the required situation. The screwing procedure, torque and angle control are selected in the HST-Tool-Manager. The very high sensor precision, better than 1% full-scale, guarantees exact and repeatable screw connections for the process and thus the premium quality of the products produced. The TorqSpeed (TS) screwing function, which has been registered for a patent, optimizes the process time; no other tool is more efficient.

  • 5 - 600 Nm
  • High torque repeatability
  • Less maintenance
    Pulse unit consists of significant less parts as tools of other manufacturers
  • Lower oil warming
    Thereby a significant higher oil replacement (without vacuum pump system)
  • Simple torque adjustment
  • Less reaction force to the operator´s wrist, arm and shoulder
  • Pricewise an interesting alternative

Lamps and lights for technician and fitters. The ideal

 illumination of the work place is possible with these light and space-saving lamps.

From normal blind riveter up to the high-end version. Here you´ll find products for easy riveting or with special features like:

  • Progammable via USB interface
  • Blind rivet counting function
  • OLED display for battery and status indications
  • Pressure control
  • Different setting speeds
  • Fast-Exchange-System
  • Evaluation software
  • Process control

and much more...

The Easy-Touch-Control-System (HST-ETC) off ers a maximum of flexibility for the documentation of your production. No matter if you need documentation of screwing, riveting or setting blind rivet nuts, HST-ETC has a matching solution. Also a combination of some fastening technologies is not a problem. For example the setting of a blind rivet nut can be monitored first, before the monitoring of the inserted screw follows. A wireless communication between tools and controller through radio 868 MHz or Wi-fi 2,4 / 5 GHz guarantees a flexible usage without disturbing cables. For jobs with diff erent bits or nuts used for one part, the system off ers the opportunity to connect a socket tray with it. Through the socket tray either the required program is activated or the system indicates with a LED signal which socket needs to be used for the application. The HST-ETC can be programmed with customer specific work sequences, e.g. before starting the process a serial number needs to be entered or scanned. All process data collected will be summarized in an xml-file and can be stored locally, forwarded to an IT/quality system or a PLC. Each system will be made especially for customer requirements.

DMS-based, high precision torque measurement units. All rotating sensors with high-resolution are with an incremental encoders. Via USB- and Ethernet interface the sensor can be connected with the computer. The HST-TORQ-ANALYZER is the software, which reads, saves, visualised mesurement results. Because of the ultra compact construction you can pack several units and the accessories in one small case.

Screwdrivers from HS-Technik and HIOS which offers a wide torque range at high speed and a ergonomic handle. Different variants as e.g. push-start or slight press are available.

Stepless torque adjustment and a brushless motor are some positive features.

For all CL-, a-, HST-A-, HST-CL- and ASA screwdrivers. The control units promises high repetition accuracy of the torques thanks to defined speed during the joining. Positive and negative ramp functions possible, process reliability guaranteed, Power-Factor-Control. and much more.

Screwdriver stands are ideal for the quick and process-reliable postioning. Absortion of the screwdriver weight, easy running thanks to recirculating ball bearings, easy handling, no facking forces, exhaustion-free work and much more.

For small screws in the production environment.

Compatible for many different screw diameters and screw head shapes.

  • HST-Guardian
  • Tool holder
  • Floating balancer
  • Tool balancer
  • Magnet rings
  • Magnet holders
  • Bits & blades