As inventor of the Frequency Modulation Impulse Charging Process® for battery packs and by sustainable development the HS-Technik GmbH is a leading partner in the industry.

In production, power tool batteries are quite often sorted out as being „defective“ although these batteries still possess more than 80 % of their original capacity. The unnecessary costs and unnecessary environmental burden due to this practice are frequently neglected. The capacity meter KMS-2012 was developed to test the capacity of power tool batteries.

Screwdriver with torque and rotation angle sensor, programmable shut-off wrench, ...

From normal blind riveter up to the high-end version. Here you´ll find products for easy riveting or with special features.

The Easy-Touch-Control-System (HST-ETC) offers a maximum of flexibility for the documentation of your production.

All rotating sensors are equipped with a high-resolution incremental encoder. Via USB and Ethernet interface, the sensor can be connected directly to a computer. For this there is the HST-Torq-Analyzer software, which reads out readings, stores, visualizes and much more.

The electric screwdrivers have a high repeatability of the torque. Large torque ranges, lever start, ergonomic grips, various angle heads, ISO certified, variants with push start, stepless torque adjustment and much more

Screwdriver stands are suitable for quick and reliable positioning of screws.

This bracket prevents slanting or fatigue of the worker.


For small screws in the production environment and a smooth production process.

The EYP series includes tools for the industrial assembly of various parts from 5-600 Nm.

The ideal illumination of the work place is possible with these energy-saving, light and space-saving lamps.

Programming software fot HS-Technik power tools

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