Floating balancer, tool balancer, magnetic rings, magnet holders and bits

Torque reaction arms

With the employment of torque reaction arms the reaction force of hand-operated torque screwdrivers which affect the operator will be reduced or completely eliminated. This leads to less exhaustion of the operator and increases productivity. In extreme cases constant impairments at hand, arm, shoulder and neck can occur and absent times of operators can increase.
The ISO EN 11148-6 recommends the employment of convenient torque reaction arms already at low torques. In this way ergonomical work places are a must in modern production facilities.
The fixation and the associated guidance of the tool    guarantees the best possible screwing quality of your products. Low defective good rates pay dividends really fast.  

Tool holder

  • Ergonomical oblique position
  • Save and organized retention of riveter, straight-, angle-, pistol screwdriver and accessories
  • Tool is ready to hand
  • Protection against external influences
  • Higher savety at the work place
  • Optional attachment rail for material boxes or
    other tools
  • Unlimited extensible thanks to 8mm aluminium profile

Floating and tool balancer

  • Tools can be hung up weightlessly (floating)
  • Precise work
  • Protects tools against damage and soiling
  • Allows rational work

Protection covers

  • Protects tool and workpiece from damage
  • Different colors for different force ranges or as color code for different production areas

Magnet rings & magnet holders

Bits & blades

1/4" with/without drill hole for screws with security pin.



Premium steel

Titaniumnitride coated


The new HST-Guardian series prevents your work piece of scratches with a plastic sleeve over the metal parts. With a lot of different drives, length, turnable and fixed protection covers the series offers a solution for every application. Due to the strong magnet in the sleeve the bit is fixed appropriate.

Special adapters, nuts and wrench sizes upon request.