BNG-2013 / BNG-2010 / BNG-2009

Programmable blind rivet setting tool

After connecting the tool with the PC, the software allows a fast and easy parametrization of the BNG. Within three clicks the tool is connected and can be adjusted.

The software is available in english and german language. In addition, it is possible to clone your tool. This safes time if several tools need to be programmed with the same settings.

In order to define the threshold values for a riveting process, 10 reference rivets can be set, for example. These rivets must be checked before defining the threshold values. If these meet the quality standard, the power tool is connected to the computer.

The red window describes the tear-off point and the force required for the tear-off . If a rivet runs out of the window, either an incorrect rivet was set, the rivet used had quality defects or the worker held the tool at an angle during the rivet setting operation and set the rivet incorrectly.

The blue window defines the setting stroke. Using this window it is possible to check whether all components that should be installed were actually installed. In order to be able to guarantee process reliability, the component installed must have a material thickness of at least 1mm and a max. tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm.

For both windows it applies that the thresholds should be set as low as possible, but as high as necessary.

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