BNG-2013 / BNG-2010 / BNG-2009

Programmable blind rivet setting tool


  • Assignment of components to riveting results via barcode scanner

  • Transmission of the riveting results via USB or wireless
    (Wi-fi 2.4 & 5 GHz)


  • Assignment of components to riveting results via barcode scanner

  • Transmission of the riveting results via USB or wireless
    (Wi-fi 2.4 & 5 GHz)


  • Simplified version of the BNG-2010

  • Without wireless module and scanner

  • only 1 OLED display

Process reliability

  • The process reliable blind rivet setting tool consists of a setting unit, which sets the force and stroke of the rivet element, continuously monitors it and save the data recorded for documentation on a micro-SD card in the blind rivet setting tool.
  • The patented rivet-setting tool has the special feature that the setting speed can be controlled and regulated depending on the requirements of the connection and the rivet element.
  • The electronic component has a self-test for all control and reference values for the relevant system components. 
  • The riveting area is illuminated with an LED in order to ensure reliable operation even in poorly illuminated working environments.
  • With the integrated wireless module (Wi-fi 2.5 or 5 GHz), all results can be transmitted to HST-Connect systems.
  • The riveting tool has a pressure control that must be pressed against the component being riveted in order to start a setting operation. However, the pressure device triggers the start process only if the pressure switch was released after a previous setting operation.
  • The blind rivet setting tool has two OLED displays for worker guidance and status indication. This makes life easier for the worker and informs him at all times about the state of the process and the blind rivet setting tool (work order/riveting results/battery status).
  • Using the barcode scanner, components and/or assemblies can be assigned to the riveting result data. Furthermore, using a barcode scanner, a program saved in the riveter can be activated.

Quality assurance

  • The blind rivet setting tool checks and documents that the required pre-load force and the desired clamping force in the connection are always achieved.
  • The patented riveting operation allows compensation for or elimination of subsidence in most cases.
  • The tear-off time and the tear-off force of the rivet element are documented and thus represent a 100% quality check of the rivet element used.
  • The blind rivet setting tool can be programmed with reference values for the process. If the specifi ed force/stroke/ time reference value is not maintained, the rivet element setting operation is not accepted, and this is indicated optically on the display (red and audible signal = NOK, green = OK) (direct information to the operator)
  • An integrated rivet counter guarantees that all rivets are set.

Battery management

The intelligent battery management guarantees that a rivet setting operation is only triggered if the battery has sufficient capacity to perform the task.

The battery management guarantees a high cycle life span and offers effective protection against deep discharge of the Li-Ion battery.

BNG Display

The display of the BNG was developed so that the worker is led intuitively through the process steps and can read off the quality of the screw joint at any time.

The display indicators include, e.g., the OK/NOK evaluation, the battery status, counter function, the torque, the angle of rotation and much more.



(2.4 / 5 GHz)

Barcode scanner

Delivery without pulling unit, nosepiece, battery and charger.

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