NutBee  ® LF-Series

Force controlled battery blind rivet nut and blind rivet bolt tool


  • Force-controlled setting process
  • Force sensor, precision class 0.5 %
  • Controlling the setting speed based on the force
  • Machine capability +/- 7 % Cm 2.00 / Cmk 1.67
  • Adjustment the setting force using buttons on the display
  • Quick-change nose piece from M3 - M10 (up to 25 kN)
  • OK / NOK Evaluation of the force tolerance of +/- 10 % of the nominal value
  • Display of the riveting results on OLED display (green/red smiley face)
  • Handle vibration alarm
  • Multi-color LED status indicator
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Brushless high-powered motor
  • LED to illuminate the setting area
  • Recuperation extends the battery service time
  • Updates can be installed via USB

Process reliability

  • The setting is executing in several programmed steps: spin on / fastening via force / spin off
  • The electronics are equipped with a self-testing function for all control parameters as well as the system components.
  • The working area is illuminated with an LED in order to ensure reliable operation even in poorly illuminated working environments.
  • The tool is equipped with an OLED display for displaying the status. This makes the worker’s work easier and provides information, at all times, regarding the status of the process and tool (results / battery status / active program / error notifications).
  • Thanks to the well-positioned display and the setting buttons, unintentional modifications to the setting force are avoided. In addition, the device displays the set program prior to every setting process. The buttons on the tool allow the setting force to be modified quickly without any programming which means a tool can be used at several locations.
  • Due to the use of high-quality components, the NutBee® series has a very long service life.
  • Thanks to the new Li-Ion battery, the HS-Technik power tools achieve even longer and more optimized standby times.

Quality assurance

  • Through the force controlled setting process, the NutBee® assures proper installation of the rivet nut.
    If adjusted correct, a stripping off of the rivet nuts thread and a damage of the threaded mandrel is prevented. In addition the force controlled process assures that all nuts are fully installed.
  • The dynamic force-speed setting method guarantees a very high accuracy in the final force. +/- 10% Cmk >1.67 
  • The force of the tool can be individually adjusted for the setting process by means of more than 90 programs. An M6 steel nut can, for instance, be processed in different sheet thicknesses with program 70 (12.80 kN).
    The tool immediately checks whether the corresponding force has been reached and evaluates the process: The results are displayed visually on the screen
    (direct worker information)
    OK = green
    NOK = red and signal tone

Identical design, identical batteries

A significant advantage of the NutBee® series is that all tools, Standard and PRO-M version work with the same battery types of the HST-PR series (18 V).

Technical data


max. setting force

max. setting stroke

Dimensions L x W x H


25 kN

(5620 lbf)

21 mm

(0.83 in)

212 x 73 x 270 mm

(8.35 x 2.87 x 10.63 in)

2.00 kg

(4.41 lbs)


Manual NutBee NBL-xx
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.2 MB

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