Blind rivet nut and blind rivet screw setting tool

Model NutBee
NutBee PRO-M
18 V programmable battery blind rivet nut setting tool
USB cable
max. force 18,000 N
Force controlled (sensor)
Tool Manager Software
Count function  
Battery capacity display
Service counter
90 deposited force steps selectable
Individual force programmable  
Blind rivet nuts M3 - M10 (not all materials)
Blind rivet screws M3 - M8 (not all materials)
Intelligent battery management
Force monitoring
Force monitoring via force / stroke curve
incl. redundant current
Documentation of the force / stroke curve  
90 programs storeable  
Storage for 150,000 setting curves  
Multistage programming  
Optional: Barcode scanner  
Optional: Wi-fi  

Battery service life

With only one battery charge the NutBee® series can work up to 3,300 setting processes.

Rivet nut






M5 aluminium 1,150 pieces
2,200 pieces 3,300 pieces
M5 steel 850 pieces 1,600 pieces 2,400 pieces
M6 aluminium 1,050 pieces 2,000 pieces 3,000 pieces
M6 steel 800 pieces 1,500 pieces 2,250 pieces
M8 aluminium 900 pieces 1,700 pieces 2,750 pieces
M8 steel 450 pieces 850 pieces 1,250 pieces


Actual values can be different from the above numbers, depending on the rivet nut used.


2016-09-27 NutBee EN mail.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.4 MB
Manual NutBee
2016-02-29 Manual NutBee Standard EN.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
Manual NutBee PRO-M
2016-06-22 Manual NutBee PRO-M EN mail.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB
Manual NutBee PRO-M Software
2016-02-19 Manual HST-Tool-Manager rivet
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.0 MB