PowerRiv   ® Light

Battery blind rivet setting tool


  • Setting force max. 15,000 N 
  • Brushless high-powered motor 
  • Status-LED 
  • Extensions with fast exchange system
    from 60 - 155 mm 
  • Intelligent battery management 
  • Collection container monitoring
    (as per EU Directive 2006/42/EC) 
  • Pressure control
    (as per EU Directive 2006/42/EC) 
  • Exceptionally long service life 
  • Power LED lighting 
  • Ergonomically well-balanced design 
  • Wide range of useage 25 mm device stroke 
  • Handles blind rivets up to 6.4 mm 
  • Exceptionally long service life
    thanks to 18 V Li-Ion battery 
  • Extremely quick processing '
    setting speed 22 - 35 mm / second 
  • Very good price-performance ratio 
  • Energy recovery of the brake energy
    extends the service life of the battery

Precision ball screw for fast
setting processes
Brushless high-powered motor

Fast battery switch thanks to the slide mechanism

Fast exchange system for
wear parts and
collection container

Pressure control for a save
connection of the components

Perfect technology

PowerRiv® Light in accordance1

with EU Directive 2006/42/EG

The battery-operated PowerRiv® Light blind rivet tool is setting new standards. It is universal and efficient and offers up to twice the setting speed in comparison to conventional battery-operated devices.


Designed for sophisticated industrial use, this device unites the highest technical properties with a long service life and easy maintenance.

EU Directive 2006/42/EG
(Machine Directive) stipulates that machines and tools have to be secured so users are not endangered. This requirement is fulfilled by the PowerRiv® Light:

  • pressure switch
  • mandrel container monitoring

1 Pressure switch and mandrel container monitoring can be disabled, please contact us for further information.

The pressure switch ensures that the blind rivet can only be processed if the pressing device is activated which prevents unintentional triggering and ensures that the components to be processed are on top of each other.


The mandrel container monitoring system guarantees that system can only run if the collection tank is properly installed and no rivet mandrels can be ejected.

QuickRiv technology

QuickRiv enables a fast processing of the blind rivets.


Tool without QuickRiv:

Setting time: 2.27 sec. / rivet


Tool with QuickRiv:

Setting time: 0.55 sec. / rivet

Intelligent battery management

The intelligent battery management guarantees that a setting process is only triggered if the battery has sufficent capacity to perform the task.

The battery management guarantees a high cycle life span and offers effective protection against deep discharge of the Li-Ion battery.

Identical batteries

A significant advantage of the PowerRiv® series is that all tools starting from Light up to PRO-M version work with the same battery types of the HST-PR series (18 V). These batteries are also used in combination with screwdrivers.

Technical Data

  1. Mandrel collection container 
  2. Precision spindle for fast setting processes 
  3. Not available in the Light Version
  4. Fast exchange system
    Allows a fast exchange of the chuck jaws and a fast cleaning of the system. 
  5. Nosepiece 
  6. Not available in the Light Version
  7. Brushless high-powered motor
    for a faster, powerful working, maintenance free
  8. Large trigger ergonomical form 
  9. Ergonomical handle
    for a better lead of the tool 
  10. Not available in the Light Version
  11. Powerful LED
    optimal lightning also by bad lightning conditions 
  12. Not available in the Light Version
  13. Premium Li-Ion battery
    optimized for industrial applications

Modell PowerRiv® Light
PowerRiv® Light
Description Battery blind rivet setting tool
with collection container monitoring
Battery blind rivet setting tool
with collection container monitoring
Setting force 12,000 N 15,000 N
Setting speed max. 35 mm / sec. max. 22 mm / sec.
Drive Brushless high-powered motor Brushless high-powered motor




Multi color LED

Multi color LED

18 V Li-Ion battery
Weight 1.9 kg without battery
 1.9 kg without battery
Vibration < 2.5 m/s2
< 2.5 m/s2
Noise emission < 75 db(A),
short > 80 db (A)
< 75 db(A),
short > 80 db (A)

Delivery without nose assembly, nosepiece, battery and charger.

Further versions

Model based on HST-PR-5-Light

based on HST-PR-Light

without pressure switch

HST-PR-5-Light-OA HST-PR-Light-OA
without mandrel container monitoring HST-PR-5-Light-OB HST-PR-5-Light-OB


Fast exchange system


Available in the extensions

60, 85, 125 and 155 mm. The new fast exchange system is compatible with all HS-Technik PowerRiv® blind rivet setting tools. Thanks to its innovative design, the chuck jaws can be exchanged without any tools in just a few minutes or removed for cleaning. This saves part of the set-up and service costs. If the chuck housing is mounted correctly, it cannot loosen itself due to vibrations from the tool, another plus for the proper operation and quality of the blind rivets set.


Order no.:

(xx = 60/85/125/155)

Compression bushing


A compatible compression bushing for each extension of a blind rivet setting tool is available. The compression bushing reduces the shaft diameter to prevent that blind rivets with a mandrel diameter of less 3.2 mm jam the tools regular bushing.


Order no.:




224 = max. mandrel

diameter of 2.4 mm

232 = max. mandrel

diameter of 3.2 mm



(xx = 60/85/125/155) PRIV-M232-xx

(xx = 60/85/125/155)

Security nosepiece


The patented system of security nosepieces is optimally suited for vertical riveting or for difficult to reach places since the rivet is held in the nosepiece. The mandrel cannot fall into the workpiece after the rivet setting process. The security nosepiece holds the mandrel tight and secures the work- piece against damage and soiling. This way you can set rivets with just one hand and guarantee occupational safety.


Order no.: HST-FHMG-xx

(xx = 18/20/24/27/30/32/36/40/45)

Standard nosepiece


Standard nosepieces are the cost efficient alternative towards security nosepieces. Even though they do not have the same advantages e.g. preventing mandrels of falling out of the nosepiece.


Order no.: HST-MG-xx

(xx = 18/20/24/27/30/32/36/40/45)





Compatible with all

PowerRiv® and NutBee® tools

PRIV-B5 (transparent) PRIV-B5-C (black dull)


Weight: 55g

Volume: 115 cm³


Collection container
Weight: 20g
Volume: 150 cm³


Tool holder
max. Ø 42 mm



Assembly group attachment 60mm for straight

setting processes


Delivery without pulling unit, nosepiece, battery and charger.


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Setup QuickRiv function
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