PowerRiv   ® SRB / Lockbolts

Battery lockbolt setting tool


  • Force sensor max. 20 kN
    for a maximum of monitoring and precision1,2
  • Monitoring of all relevant process data1
  • OK / NOK evaluation
  • Display of the fastening results in the OLED display1
  • Battery tool to process lockbolts
    up to 6,3 mm (Ø mandrel diameter)
  • Programmable via USB interface with HST-Tool-Manager1
  • Intelligent battery management 
  • Mandrel container monitoring
    (as per EU Directive 2006/42/EC)
  • OLED display for battery and status indications1 
  • Power LED lighting 
  • Ergonomically well-balanced design
  • Brushless high-powered motor 
  • Exceptionally long service life
    thanks to 18 V Li-Ion battery 
  • Wide range of usage 25 mm device stroke 
  • Extremely quick processing
    setting speed 22 mm / second 
  • Very good price-performance ratio 
  • Adaption to Huck & Gage-Bilt pulling heads possible
    more adaptions on request
  • Optional: Transmission of the fastening results via HST-Connect Wi-fi 2.4 or 5 GHz or radio 868 MHz 
  • Optional barcode scanner

Precision ball screw for fast
setting processes
Brushless high-powered motor

Fast battery switch thanks to the slide mechanism

Fast exchange system for
wear parts and
collection container



Modell HST-PR-Light-SRB
18 V programmable battery setting tool  
USB interface  
USB cable  
Setting force max. 12,000 N      
Setting force max. 15,000 N      
Setting force max. 18,000 N
Setting speed max. 22 mm / sec.
Setting speed max. 35 mm / sec.      
HST-Tool-Manager Software  
Blind rivet counting function  
OLED display  
Service counter  
Battery management
max. mandrel diameter 6.3 mm
Blind rivet monitoring via current / stroke curve  
Blind rivet monitoring via force / stroke curve
Force sensor max. 20 kN
Without pressure control
Optional: Barcode scanner and Wi-fi  
90 programs storeable  
Storage for 150,000 setting curves  
Multistage programming  
Suitable to process lockbolts
QuickRiv® function

QuickRiv technology

QuickRiv enables a fast processing of the blind rivets.


Tool without QuickRiv:

Setting time: 2.27 sec. / rivet


Tool with QuickRiv:

Setting time: 0.55 sec. / rivet

Benchmark in the battery blind rivet technology

The battery-operated collar pin setting devices from the PowerRiv® SRB (lockbolt) series offer the optimum solution for each application.


From simply counting collar pins to high-end tools with force sensors, barcode scanners and wireless connections, the PowerRiv® SRB series offers many benefits in comparison to conventional tools.


The PowerRiv® SRB series battery-operated collar pin setting tool is the

ideal solution for mobile use.

The powerful 18V premium Li-Ion battery offers an optimum weight-to-performance ratio.


A brushless high-power motor allows for a setting speed of 22 mm per second and a setting force of 18,000 N.


The PowerRiv® can be programmed for industrial requirements via the USB port on the base of the device1. The counter function prevents the collar pin from being omitted in serial assembly1.

Service interval display1 and mandrel container indicator for emptying the tank prevent damage due to insufficient main-tenance.


The intelligent battery management protects the Li-Ion battery from deep discharging and notifies the worker in due time that the battery has to be replaced. The PowerRiv® displays battery, counter and status indicators on the OLED display with clear text and symbols1.


The setting point is illuminated by a power LED which is activated by pressing the start button.

PowerRiv® as per EU Directive 2006/42/EC

The EU Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) requires that machinery and tools must be secured in such a manner that the user is not subject to any danger.


The PowerRiv® meets this requirement by means of:

  • Collection container monitoring

The collection container monitoring makes sure that it is only possible to perform work if the collection container has been correctly mounted, and thus no mandrels can be ejected.

Intelligent battery management

The intelligent battery management guarantees that a setting process is only triggered if the battery has sufficent capacity to perform the task.

The battery management guarantees a high cycle life span and offers effective protection against deep discharge of the Li-Ion battery.

Software HST-Tool-Manager1

The HST-Tool-Manager allows the quick and easy parameterization of PowerRiv® Power Tools. The settings are saved in the tool, but they can also be saved locally on a PC as backup.


More Information you´ll find here.

OLED Display1

The blind riveter has an OLED display for status display. This makes life easier for the worker and informs him at all times about the status of the process and the blind riveter (work order / riveting results / battery status).

Job / sequence1

Several jobs / processes can be stored on a tool. A job connects up to 8 programs with each other and executes them in sequence. Thus, different clamping areas can be processed without activating different programs. A job can be activated via different options such as via barcode, controller or as a standard process (manual mode).

Optional barcode scanner integrated in the tool1

Using the optional barcode scanner, components and / or assemblies can be assigned to the riveting result data. Furthermore, by using the barcode scanner, a program saved in the riveter can be activated and processed. The program called up contains the number of rivets and the process parameters, speed, force and more for the setting process. 10 barcodes storeable - 2D barcodes can be read

Force sensor max. 20 kN1,2

A maximum of monitoring and precision thanks to the process monitoring by force sensor via force / stroke curve.

Sensor accuracy better 1 percent full scale

Optional combinated Wi-fi module for data communication1

With the combinated radio module the radio mode can be switched directly in the software (2.4 or 5 GHz). Also the channel and the traffic power can be set customized. We suggest the 5 GHz setting because the transmission power is twice as big and more radio channels can be choosen.


Alternativ a communikation with 868 MHz radion can be offered.For more information contact us please. With 868 MHz radio theres no transmission of the curves possible. Only the status will be transmitted.

Identical batteries

A significant advantage of the PowerRiv® series is that all tools starting from Light up to PRO-M version work with the same battery types of the HST-PR series (18 V). These batteries are also used in combination with screwdrivers.

PowerRiv Display1

The display of the PowerRiv was developed so that the worker is led intuitively through the process steps and can read off the quality of the screw joint at any time.

The display indicators include, e.g., the OK/NOK evaluation, the battery status, counter function, the torque, the angle of rotation and much more.

green = 50% - 100%

yellow = 30% - 50%

red = 10% - 30%

red X = 5% - 10%

Batt empty X
= less than 5%

Technical Data

Model PowerRiv®





Description Multi color status LED
Mandrel container
Process monitoring via
90 programs storeable
Blind rivet counting function
Mandrel container
Service interval display
Process monitoring via
90 programs storeable
Blind rivet counting function
Mandrel container
Service interval display
Setting force 18,000 N 18,000 N 18,000 N
Setting speed max. 32 mm / sec. max. 22 mm / sec.
max. 22 mm / sec.
Device stroke 25 mm
25 mm 25 mm


high-powered motor


high-powered motor


high-powered motor





Status LED

OLED display

OLED display

18 V Li-Ion battery
Weight 2.0 kg without battery
2.0 kg without battery 2.1 kg without battery

Delivery without nose assembly, nosepiece, battery and charger.

Optional available radio module1

Article: HST-PR-FUNK

Optional available scanner1


Lockbolt pulling heads

Order no. Description

For standard lockbolts up to 6.5 mm


For standard lockbolts up to 5.0 mm


For Multigrip lockbolts up to 6.5 mm


For Multigrip lockbolts up to 5.0 mm


For Magna-Bulb lockbolts up to 6.5 mm


For Magna-Bulb lockbolts up to 5.0 mm

More pulling heads on request






Compatible with all

PowerRiv® and NutBee® tools

PRIV-B5 (transparent) PRIV-B5-C (black dull)


Weight: 55g

Volume: 115 cm³


Collection container
Weight: 20g
Volume: 150 cm³


Tool holder
max. Ø 42 mm

Delivery without pulling unit, nosepiece, battery and charger.


PowerRiv EN mail.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.5 MB
Setup QuickRiv function at PowerRiv Light
2014-10-13 Einstellung QuickRiv PR-Light
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.6 MB

not available in version: 1Light | 2PRO

Warranty terms
Warranty Terms.pdf
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