Charger cabinet HST-RLS-1


  • HS-Technik charger cabinet for up to 24 batteries
    Several HS-Technik multi-charger stations can be placed in this cabinet.
  • Four high-quality drawers with a lot of storage space
  • Anti-theft protection
    Roll-down cover and drawers can be locked
  • Two pull-out shelves for HS-Technik charger stations
  • Sophisticated design
    Color accents in RAL 5010 and housing RAL 7035
  • Different variations are possible
  • System cabinets can be ordered separately
Order-no. Description
HST-RLS-1 Whole charger cabinet
HST-RLS-1OB Upper cabinet with 2 pull-out shelves
(no drawers)
HST-RLS-1UN Lower cabinet with 4 drawers
(no pull-out shelves)
Dimensions HST-RLS-1 (W x D x H) 1,050 x 650 x 2,100 mm


System cabinets

  • With plastic roll-down cover
  • Gravity-supported roll-down cover
  • Roll-down cover winds up on spring shaft in the cabinet lid during opening
  • Smooth-running slide function thanks to aluminum guide rails
  • Space-saving without swinging doors


  • Carrying capacity up to
    max. 1.5 to
  • Intelligent drawer pull-out lock with fall guard
  • Mechanical locking system with
    5-pin cylinder

Pull-out shelves

  • With 3-sided upturn
  • Can be mounted on a 25 mm grid
  • Normal load when pulled out
    75 kg carrying capacity
  • Color: RAL 7035

Cabinet with drawers

  • Width 1,050 mm, depth 650 mm and height of 800 mm
  • Two drawers with a height of
    150 mm and 2 with a height
    of 200 mm


  • All drawers can be pulled out completely, 100% runner system and 40 mm runner
  • Normal pull-out with 75 kg carrying capacity
  • Ergonomic bar handle

Base with leveling

  • 4 feet that can be adjusted
    -15/+10 mm
  • Can be fastened on the floor






System cooling fans

Even when the shutter is closed,

sufficient ventilation of the entire system

  • Pull-out shelves, storage shelves and drawers with plenty of space for charging stations, tools, batteries and accessories.

    Up to 4 x HST-MV3-04 and 4 x HST-MV3-02 can be housed in the charger cabinet (24 charging slots)

  • All drawers are equipped with anti-skip mats

    They ensure the tools are properly held in place when opening and closing the drawers.

  • System cabinet combinations can be customized to        achieve maximum efficiency.

    Depending on the tool used, the cabinets are configured accordingly. Thus, when using HST-MV3-04W charger stations (cube-shaped), the upper cabinet is only equipped with 2 pull-out shelves.
    When using HST-MV3-04 (series format), the blinds cabinet is equipped with up to 4 shelves.

    Other configurations upon request.


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