Controller for battery screwdriverand blind rivet setting tools

  • The tools can be operated in parallel
  • Wi-fi 2.4 & 5 GHz
  • Touch-Panel-PC (optional) 
  • Component identification
  • Quality control & quality documentation
  • Process reliability thanks to intelligent controller 
  • Individual connection to the company IT
  • Control of several workstations 
  • Customer-specific structure of the unit 
  • Blind rivet setting tool and screwdriver in a system
  • Control of conveyor systems, work equipment and traffic lights 
  • Service function for the tools (tool programming)
  • Battery exchange possible during processing 
  • System maintenance possible via Internet (UMTS stick)


  • Tools can be exchanged or replaced without external programs during the work cycle
    1.  All necessary settings are read into the tool via the touch panel PC, checked, and saved
  • All actions are logged
    1. There is a fact basis for optimizations
    2. Easy error analysis is possible
  • New interfaces can be integrated easily into the architecture
    1. Here services from the existing infrastructure such as display, flow control, and help services are used 
  • Language switching and adaption to screen formats
    1. Through settings in the control file 
  • The access to the operating system can be blocked
    1. Programs run without admin rights

Touch Panel PC

  • Flow controller/ program controller
  • Wireless tool communication
    868 MHz / Wi-fi 2.4 or 5 GHz
  • Communication with the company IT
    (sorting / screw connection and
    riveting results)
  • Local storage of pre-run and
    results data
  • Tool confi guration / tool change
  • Service / maintenance

Component identification via

  • Barcode / RFID / scanner

Individual connection to the
company IT

Quality control & quality
documentation of

  • Number of screws / rivets
  • OK / NOK evaluation of the
    screw / rivet
  • Documentation of the product data with the process results

System stability, also for battery change during an order


Control of the conveyor technology and digital controllers

  • Infeed and discharge for parts
  • Line stop
  • Release button and operating mode switch
  • Stack lights

The flow in the work cycle can
be modified

  • Without program changes
  • Without restart of the system
  • Easy due to changes of the XML control file

The assignment of screw and rivet tasks is handled by

  • Local XML file or
  • Specification of the company database

Battery exchange on tools can be done during the cycle

  • Without compromising the current
    work order
  • The remaining screws/rivets are
    transmitted automatically to the tool after the restart of the tool

The Easy-Touch-Control-System (HST-ETC) offers a maximum of flexibility for the documentation of your production. No matter if you need documentation of screwing, riveting or setting blind rivet nuts, HST-ETC has a matching solution.


Also a combination of some fastening technologies is not a problem. For example the setting of a blind rivet nut can be monitored first, before the monitoring of the inserted screw follows.

A wireless communication between tools and controller through radio 868 MHz or Wi-fi 2,4 / 5 GHz guarantees a flexible usage without disturbing cables.


For jobs with different bits or nuts used for one part, the system offers the opportunity to connect a socket tray with it. Through the socket tray either the required program is activated or the system indicates with a LED signal which socket needs to be used for the application.

The HST-ETC can be programmed with customer specific work sequences, e.g. before starting the process a serial number needs to be entered or scanned.


All process data collected will be summarized in an xml-file and can be stored locally, forwarded to an IT/quality system or a PLC.


Each system will be made especially for customer requirements.

Video ETC controller with different PowerTools

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