HST-MCU - multi control unit

Control for battery tightening and rivet setting tools

  • Up to 20 HST Wi-Fi tools (depending on the software used)
  • 10.4" touch display
  • Powerful Win 10 PC
  • 2 Ethernet connections
  • 6 USB (2 front, 4 bottom)
  • Wide-range voltage input (90 - 240 V AC)
  • Optionally with ProfiBus / ProfiNet / 24 V digital I/O's
  • Compatible with process control software
    - HST-ETC
    - ProTight
    - AMT Ablauf

Sequence control for different applications

Order no. Description Extended information
Suitable for
HST-ETC Easy Touch Control

Individually programmed controller

Almost infinitely expandable

Integrated systems: Daimler PLUS, ProfiBus, ProfiNet

24 V connection

TorqBee, NutBee and RivBee

(max. 20 tools simultaneously)

AMT-Ablauf 3 AMT sequence control

Process control with connection to: VW-XML, IPS, BMW IPS-Q, IPS-L

TorqBee, NutBee and RivBee

(max. 4 tools simultaneously)

ProTight ProTight tool control

Controls with the most important functions,

e.g. connection to a PLC, printing the results and more.

Can be connected to other higher-level systems

TorqBee, NutBee and RivBee

(max. 5 tools, only one tool active)

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