The HST-Tool-Manager allows the quick and easy parameterization of PROG-3 Power Tools. In addition to the general settings such as signal tones, LED indicators and monitoring settings, the process-relevant parameters such as torque/angle of rotation/speed/number of screw levels/number of connections can be set with the Tool Manager. The settings are saved in the tool, but they can also be saved locally on a PC as backup. Furthermore, the Tool Manager off ers a print function with which the settings can be printed and documented as a PDF. In addition, the Tool Manager offers the opportunity to archive all data in XML format.

The software is an enormously user-friendly application. It is self-explanatory and does not require any intensive training. The chart and the statistics can be opened with a mouse-click after connnecting the tool. All statistic parameters can be imported easily into Excel for further processing.

With a backup file you can change the settings without a direct contact to the tool. So the settings can be checked easily. Also you can send them e.g. via E-Mail. A firmware update of the screw-driver is very comfortable because it can be made via USB. Also you can export/import some or all setting of the screwdriver. So it´s easy to clone some screwdriver. Different user profiles (user, administrator, calibrator), have different rights to change settings.

The „Language-Select-System“ (LSS), which has been registered for a patent, offers the world‘s only possibility for changing the language of the software directly without a restart or reinstallation of the software. The software is available in the following languages: German, English (UK), English (US), Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian. More Languages following. The administrator can choose which languages the user group can select. The software can store up to 90 individually-designed programs. Each program can be subdivided into up to 6 steps, e.g. soft start-up, join, loosen, etc.. Furthermore, the screwing parameters required in each individual program are stored so that up to 90 diff erent fastening situations can be mapped in a tool.

In addition to setting the process parameters, the software also offers the opportunity to analyze recorded process data. Charts and overview tables for the fastening results can be read and documented by the tool‘s memory via PC and USB cable. Firmware updates can be made with a bootloader via USB. At the reading and saving process of settings the program makes automatically a shadow copy.

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