Programmable cordless screwdriver with torque and angle of rotation sensor


  • Programmable via USB interface with HST-Tool-Manager 
  • Programmable parameters:
    torque / angle of rotation / speed / time
  • Measurement precision of the torque is better than 1% with respect to the final value
  • OK/NOK evaluation with display of the measurement values on the OLED display
  • HST-Connect provides a wireless connection for the tools to the flow controllers
  • Integrated screw counter
  • Brushless high-powered motor
  • Comparison of the data recorded with defined limits
  • Transmission of the fastening results via HST-Connect
    (868 MHz, Wi-fi 2.4 & 5 GHz)
  • Monitoring of the direction of rotation
  • Intelligent battery management
  • LED lighting for the working area
  • Configuration and process data will be saved
    directly on the tool

Process reliability

  • The fastening can be performed in several freely programmable stages, e.g. soft start-up/screwing to torque/ loosening of the screw by 700 angular degrees. 
  • The electronic component has a self-test for all control and reference values for the relevant system components. 
  • The working area is illuminated with an LED in order to ensure reliable operation even in poorly illuminated working environments.
  • The screwdriver has an OLED display for status display. This makes life easier for the worker and informs him at all times about the state of the process and the screwdriver (work order/fastening results/battery status).
  • The final torque of the fastening is measured by an active torque sensor.
  • Using the optional barcode scanner, components and/or assemblies can be assigned to the screwing result data. Furthermore, by using the barcode scanner, a program saved in the screwdriver can be activated and processed. The program called up contains the number of screws and the process parameters, torque and angle of rotation for the fastening.
  • With HST-Connect you connect the tool via (868MHz / Wi-fi 2.4 & 5 GHz) to a controller, HST-ETC Easy Touch Control. 
  • Maschine capability after VDI/VDE 2647 +/- 7%, cmk > 1,67

Quality assurance

  • Thanks to a multi-stage tightening, required preload force and the desired clamping force in the connection are always achieved.
  • In most cases, the multi-stage process allows compensation or elimination of subsidence.
  • The screwdriver can be programmed with reference values for the process. If the specifi ed torque/angle/speed/time reference value is not adhered to, the fastening procedure is evaluated as NOK, and this is indicated visually on the display (red and audible signal = NOK, green = OK) (direct information to the operator)
  • An integrated screw counter guarantees that all screws are fastened.

Premium Power Tools! This claim is more than fulfilled by the easy-to-use, high-performance cordless screwdriver with torque transducer and angle encoder. With a USB interface integrated into the foot of the tool, the PROG-3 pistol screwdriver (1.5 - 12 Nm) and angle screwdriver (2.0 - 70 Nm) can be programmed freely in 90 programs. The user-friendly HST-Tool-Manager programming software guarantees quick and easy programming of the tools for the required situation. The screwing procedure, torque and angle control are selected in the HST-Tool-Manager. The very high sensor precision, better than 1% full-scale, guarantees exact and repeatable screw connections for the process and thus the premium quality of the products produced. The TorqSpeed (TS) screwing function, which has been registered for a patent, optimizes the process time; no other tool is more efficient.

The advantages of this fastening procedure are that the screwing time is reduced by up to 50% as compared to a two-stage tightening. The screwing parameters adjust themselves dynamically to the type of joint. The power consumption is lower than that of a two-stage tightening since no stop and restart, braking and starting power are required. Thanks to the ergonomic and force-optimized fastening procedure, the efficiency is increased significantly. The large, bright OLED display indicates the status of the tool at all times. Unique on the market, the display indicates the battery status, the process results, as well as plain text and symbol displays for worker guidance and information.

HST-Connect, the wireless transmission systems for control of the tools and process documentation guarantee a smooth and seamlessly documented production fl ow. Whether 868MHz / Wi-fi or another wireless protocol, the HST-Connect systems work on all frequencies. With the optional barcode scanner, components / component groups can be associated with the screwing results automatically. For example, the serial number of the component is scanned at the beginning of the fl ow. It is then associated automatically with the product ID and the screwing results and saved in the results file.

The stand-alone version of the PROG-3 also works without HST-Connect. Connected to a barcode scanner, it is also possible to activate several programs from the tool without reprogramming via USB. After scanning a barcode, the tool compares the data available in its own database with the scanned data. If this barcode is assigned to a program in the tool database,

the tool activates the corresponding program and processes the programmed specifications. Also programm flows can be programmed. Of course the process data generated this way is saved on a SD card on the tool. (2 GB: Mini-SD: 50.000 tightenings 4 GB: 100.000)

The brushless high-performance motor is maintenance-free and maximizes the battery life. The high-performance Li-Ion batteries allow more fastening procedures per battery charge than customary Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. At the same time, the new Premium Li-Ion battery packs are much lighter than customary batteries.

Torque and angle of rotation sensor

The rotating torque transducer sensor of the PROG-3 has the same precision as externally rotating torque sensors. The total sensor deviation is less than 1% full scale. The angle resolution is precisely 1°.

Intelligent battery management

The intelligent battery management guarantees that a fastening is only triggered if the battery has sufficient capacity to perform the task. The battery management guarantees a high cycle life span and offers effective protection against deep discharge of the Li-ion battery.

green = 50% - 100%

yellow = 30% - 50%

red = 10% - 30%

red X = 5% - 10%

Batt empty X
= less than 5%

PROG-3 display

The display of the PROG-3 was developed so that the worker is led intuitively through the process steps and can read off the quality of the screw joint at any time.

The display indicators include, e.g., the OK/NOK evaluation, the battery status, counter function, the torque, the angle of rotation and much more.


Order no.

Grip-Set BFT-Pistol-Driver

Compatible with the following screwdrivers:

HS-Technik PROG-3

HS-Technik BFT

Makita BFT

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