Programmable ECO-EC tool

  • Torque transducer 
  • Torque accuracy +/- 4%
  • Programmable in 6 steps
    - Torque
    - Current
    - Angle
    - Speed
    - Time 
  • Handle vibration alarm 
  • Multi color LED indicator, visible from all angles
  • Intelligent battery management 
  • Brushless high-powere motor 
  • Brake energy recovery extends the battery life
  • Maximum ergonomics
  • LED to illuminate the tightening area
  • Updates can be installed via USB
  • OLD display
  • Screw counter
  • Counter memory function
  • 100 individual programs
  • Min. 150.000 tightening results incl. torque and angle curve are stored in the tool
  • OK/NOK evaluation of the shut-off result
  • All common tightening strategies can be programmed
  • Optional: Wi-Fi & barcode reader

Pistol screwdriver

Angle screwdriver

Straight screwdriver

Premium Power Tools

This claim is more than fulfilled by the easy-to-use, high-performance cordless screwdriver. With a USB interface integrated into the foot of the tool, the TorqBee® pistol screwdriver (0.8 - 14 Nm) and angle screwdriver (1.5 - 85 Nm) can be programmed freely in 99 programs.

The user-friendly HST-Tool-Manager programming software guarantees quick and easy programming of the tools for the required situation. The screwing procedure, torque and angle control are selected in the HST-Tool-Manager.

The TorqSpeed (TS) screwing function, which has been registered for a patent, optimizes the process time; no other tool is more efficient.

With or without controller

The autonomous version of the TorqBee® also works without HST-Connect. Connected to a barcode scanner, it is also possible to activate several programs from the tool without reprogramming via USB. After scanning a barcode, the tool compares the data available in its own database with the scanned data.

If this barcode is assigned to a program in the tool database, the tool activates the corresponding program and processes the programmed specifications. Also jobs can be programmed. Of course the process data generated this way is saved on a SD card on the tool.

The brushless high-performance motor is maintenance-free and maximizes the battery life. The high-performance Li-Ion batteries allows more fastening procedures per battery charge than customary Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. At the same time, the new Premium Li-Ion battery packs are much lighter than customary batteries.

Quality assurance

Thanks to a multi-stage tightening, required preload force and the desired clamping force in the connection are always achieved. In most cases, the multi-stage process allows compensation or elimination of subsidence.

The screwdriver can be programmed with reference values1 for the process. If the specified torque / angle / rpm / time reference value is not adhered to, the fastening procedure is evaluated as NOK, and this is indicated visually on the display (red and audible signal = NOK

green = OK) (direct information to the operator).

At the Light version the status will be shown via a mutli color LED control light. An integrated screw counter guarantees that all screws are fastened.


The advantages of this fastening procedure is that the screwing time is reduced by up to 50% as compared to a standard two-stage tightening.

The screwing parameters adjust themselves dynamically to the type of joint. The power consumption is lower than that of a two-stage tightening since no stop and restart, braking and starting power is required.

Thanks to the ergonomic and force-optimized fastening procedure, the efficiency is increased significantly. The large, bright OLED display indicates the status of the tool at all times.

Unique on the market, the display indicates the battery status, the process results, as well as plain text and symbol displays for worker guidance and information. HST-Connect, the wireless transmission systems for control of the tools and process documentation guarantee a smooth and seamlessly documented production flow. Thanks to the Wi-fi 2.4 or 5 GHz or 868 MHz radio module process data can be transmitted really fast. We suggest the 5 GHz setting because the transmission power is twice as big and more radio channels can be choosen.

With the optional barcode scanner, components / component groups can be associated with the screwing results automatically. For example, the serial number of the component is scanned at the beginning of the flow. It is then associated automatically with the product ID and the screwing results and saved in the results file.

Angle heads

Compatible angle heads for the TorqBee® series you´ll find here.

Identical design, identical batteries

A significant advantage of the TorqBee® series is that all tools starting from Light up to EC2 version have the identical design.

Technical Data

Pistol screwdriver
Torque Speed max.




2.0 - 14.0 Nm

(17.70 - 123.91 lbf in)

500 rpm
1/4" - Form E

230 x 72 x 211 mm

(9.06 x 2.83 x 8.30 in)

1.20 kg

(2.65 lbs)


Special types are not considered in this listing.

Dimensions and weight indications without battery.



W = Wi-Fi option

B = Barcode reader option

WB = Wi-Fi & barcode reader option

Angle screwdriver
Torque Speed max.




2.5 - 12.0 Nm

(22.13 - 106.21 lbf in)

550 rpm
3/8" square

455 x 72 x 94 mm

(17.91 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

1.51 kg

(3.33 lbs)


5.0 - 20.0 Nm

(44.25 - 177.01 lbf in)

400 rpm
3/8'' square

455  x72 x 94 mm

(17.91 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

1.51 kg

(3.33 lbs)


8.0 - 30.0 Nm

(70.81 - 265.52 lbf in)

240 rpm

510 x 72 x 94 mm

(20.08 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

2.50 kg

(5.51 lbs)

TBACO-55*-3 (5) 15.0 - 55.0 Nm
  (132.76 - 486.79 lbf in)
140 rpm
3/8'' square

580 x 72 x 94 mm

(22.83 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

3.00 kg

(6.61 lbs)


25.0 - 85.0 Nm

(221.27 - 752.31 lbf in)

100 rpm
1/2'' square

630 x 72 x 94 mm

(24.80 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

3.50 kg

(7.72 lbs)


Above 60 Nm, the tool must be operated with a suitable torque reaction arm!

Dimensions and weight indications without battery.



W = Wi-Fi option

B = Barcode reader option

WB =  Wi-Fi & barocde reader option


1 = 1/4" hex C

2 = 1/4" square

3 = 3/8" square

4 = 1/4" hex E

5 = 1/2" square

8 = SW8

10 = SW10

Straight screwdriver
Torque Speed max.




3.0 - 13.0 Nm

(26.55 - 115.06 lbf in)

550 rpm
1/4" - Form E

410 x 72 x 94 mm

(16.14 x 2.83 x 3.70 in)

1.30 kg

(2.87 lbs)


Dimensions and weight indications without battery.


W = Wi-Fi option

B = Barcode option

WB = Wi-Fi & barcode reader option

Software HST-Tool-Manager

The HST-Tool-Manager allows quick and easy adjustment of TorqBee® Power Tools. In addition to the general settings such as signal tones, LED indicators and monitoring settings, the process relevant parameters such as torque / angle of rotation / speed / time / number of screw levels / number of connections can be set with the HST-Tool-Manager.


Thereby all popular screwing strategies can be programmed. The settings are saved in the tool, but they can also be saved locally on a PC as backup. Furthermore, the HST-Tool-Manager offers a print function with which the settings can be printed and documented as a PDF.

More information about the program software you´ll find here.


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