Custom-specific solutions

HS-Technik GmbH not only supplies special tools we also develop them individually for each customer.

In this way the „Elephant“ was born. At this pistol screwdriver we added two 90° angle heads, so that they can move in a 45° grid. So hard to reach screws can be tightened easily. Also the „Wheelmaster“ is an exotic which is used for the preinstallation of wheels in the serial production. „Hercules“ with super screwdriver power is a screwdriver which exceeds the 12,0 Nm mark with its up to 24,0 Nm. „The Compatible“ is our latest development. It is a screwdriver stand with a mechanical redirection, which can adapt to most screwdrivers. It can hold the most screwdrivers. The tool can be started with an external button in the linear slide. That guarantees maximal ergonomics for the user.