Oil pulse tools


  • 5 - 600 Nm
  • High torque repeatability
  • Less maintenance
    Pulse unit consists of significant less parts as tools of other manufacturers
  • Lower oil warming
    Thereby a significant higher oil replacement (without vacuum pump system)
  • Simple torque adjustment
  • Less reaction force to the operator´s wrist, arm and shoulder
  • Pricewise an interesting alternative


  • Double molded composite motor housing
    - Produced from patented molding system
    - Provides ergonomic pistol grip handle
    - Less reaction force to the operator
    - Realizing ideal lightweight
  • Twin hammer mechanism
    - With oil bath clutch
    - Provides most durable and reliable hammering
    - Eliminating hammerlock failures
  • Captured motor liner
    - Ensures stable and maximum power output