Screwdriver stands

3-axle torque reaction arm with positioning control

Carbon torque arms TAC-series

Through the use of torque relief arms, the reaction moments that act on the employee through hand-held torque tools are minimized or completely eliminated. This leads to less fatigue of the employee and increases productivity. In extreme cases, permanent damage to the hand, arm, shoulder and neck can occur, resulting in increased downtime for the employee. The ISO EN 11148-6 recommends the use of a suitable torque relief arm from low torque. In modern manufactoring, ergonomically designed workplaces are therefore a must.

The fixation and the associated guidance of the tool ensures the best possible tightening quality of your products. Lower reject rates pay off very quickly.

The perfect solution for absorbing reaction moments

Suitable screwdriver stands for screwing, drilling and thread cutting. No crooked setting is possible when a screwdriver stand is in use. Also a well feature is that there is no perceptible reaction moment and the high repetition accuracy of the torques thanks to defined speed during the joining.

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