THS series

  • Ergonomical oblique position
  • Save and organized retention of riveter, straight-, angle-,
    pistol screwdriver and accessories
  • Tool is ready to hand
  • Protection against external influences
  • Higher savety at the work place
  • Optional attachment rail for material boxes or other tools
  • Unlimited extensible thanks to 8mm aluminium profile


  • Tools can be hung up weightlessly (floating)
  • Allows precise work
  • Protects tools against damage and soiling
  • Allows rational work
  • Carrying capacity of 0.5 - 70 kg

Protection cover

  • Protects tool and workpiece against damage and scratches
  • Different colors for different power ranges or prodction areas

Magnet rings & magnet holders

Bits & Blades

More sizes, executions, lengths, materials and drives on request


The new HST-Guardian series prevents your work piece of scratches with a plastic sleeve over the metal parts. With a lot of different drives, length, turnable and fixed protection covers the series offers a solution for every application. Due to the strong magnet in the sleeve the bit is fixed appropriate.

Special adapters, nuts and wrench sizes upon request.

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