3-axle torque reaction arm with positioning control


  • Quick and process-reliable positioning
  • Universal
  • Flexible
  • No perceptible reaction moment
  • Position detection x-, y-, z-axis,
    100% correctly-set screw connections
  • Screw sequence programmable
  • Monitoring of the screw depth, screw position
  • No crooked setting possible
  • No screw connection can be forgotten
  • 10 programs, 25 screw positions can be stored
  • In combination with CLT-2000NW, CLT-2005NW:
    - Monitoring of the screwing time
    - Process reliability guaranteed
    - High repetition accuracy of the torques thanks to defined
       speed during the joining
    - An additional area can be covered with the long
       pull-out length

Technical data

Order no. easy-posifix
Working radius in mm
(pull-out length y-axis)
160 – 440
Max. screwdriver weight in kg 2.0
Stand total weight in kg 6.3
Working height in mm 80 – 440
Max. working angle 300°
Torque absorption in Nm max. 15


Many tools can be integrated into
the easy-posifix system:

Electric screwdrivers
(pistol, straight or angle form)
Thread cutters


PC software for safe and easy teaching of the screw points. If present, the x/y coordinates can be taken over from the design. A drawing or picture of the workpiece on which the individual screw points are marked serves as the basis for this. In operating mode, the screw points are indicated visually on the picture of the workpiece; this depicts the sequence of the individual points clearly.


Control unit for easy programming and querying of the screw points. Also manages communication with the PC. Workpiece carrier detection with automatic program switching.

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