Torque measurement units

TTR- and TTS series

Intelligent torque measurement units with USB interface and optional PC-software for a exact evaluation. No external measurement device is required because the TTR- and TTS series will be connected directly with the computer. Mechanical overload
protection (sensors up to 200 cNm).


The HST-PK-SET is a mobile measurement case, prepared for integrating 1-3 intelligent sensors from the HST-TTS series.

The case is equipped with a tablet PC Microsoft Surface 3 and measurement, display and evaluation software HST torque analyzer V3 advanced.

HP series

The HP series have a high sampling rate which allows exact measurement of quick peak values. The test unit serves preferably the determination or specification of the torque for
mechanical screwdrivers with torque limitation or the determination of the torque required for thread cutting.

With suitable material tests, the optimal screw connection can be determined experimentally by specifying the tightening and breakaway torque and the torque is in creased finally until the
threads pull out.

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