TTR series

Intelligent torque sensors


  • DMS-based, high precision torque measurment device
  • All rotating sensors with high-resolution
    incremental encoders
  • Ultra-compact construction
  • USB interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • RS-485 interface
  • Torque window monitoring
  • Mechanical overload protection
    (sensors up to 200 cNm)
  • No external measurement device required
  • Power supply via USB interface
  • Optional PLC interface
  • Measurement, visualization and evaluation software HST-Torq-Analyzer for tablet PC, laptop,
    Netbook and PC

    Recording of torque/angle of rotation and torque/time curves or display of the speed across time measurement with up to

    2,000 samples per second

    2 threshold value monitoring windows with internal and external trigger possibility

    ...and much more


Measurement: Torque-time-angle + speed or performance




range in Nm

Interface Overload
Accuracy* Adapter
HST-TTR01-ci 0.01
intelligent yes 1.0 %
3 mm shaft
HST-TTR02-ci 0.02 intelligent yes 1.0 %
3 mm shaft


intelligent yes 0.5 %
3 mm shaft
HST-TTR10-ci 0.1
intelligent yes 0.5 %
5 mm shaft
HST-TTR20-ci 0.2
intelligent yes 0.2 %
5 mm shaft
HST-TTR50-ci 0.5
intelligent yes 0.2 %
8 mm shaft
HST-TTR100-ci 1.0
intelligent yes 0.2 %
8 mm shaft
HST-TTR200-ci 2.0
intelligent yes 0.2 %
8 mm shaft
HST-TTR500-ci 5.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
8 mm shaft
HST-TTR1000-ci 10.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
8 mm shaft
HST-TTR2000-ci 20.0 intelligent - 0.1 % 8 mm shaft


HST-TTR50-xi 0.5
intelligent yes 0.2 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR100-xi 1.0 intelligent yes 0.2 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR200-xi 2.0
intelligent yes 0.2 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR500-xi 5.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR1000-xi 10.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR2000-xi 20.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
1/4“ hexagon
HST-TTR5000-qi 50.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
3/8“ square


HST-TTR5000-qi 50.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
3/8" square
HST-TTR10000-qi 100.0 intelligent - 0.1 %
1/2" square
HST-TTR20000-qi 200.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
3/4" square
HST-TTR50000-qi 500.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
3/4" square
HST-TTR100000-qi 1000.0
intelligent - 0.1 %
1" square





  • Temperature conditions 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 114°F)
  • Rotation of angle resolution 0.1°
  • Rotation of angle accuracy 0.5°
  • max. rpm 5,000


Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • App for Android systems
  • Mobile phone or tablet as „Measurement device“
  • With current and peak value display
  • Automatical sensor identification at connecting
  • Supports different physical units
  • 2 limit value montoring windows with internal or enternal trigger option
  • Requirement: Adroid 3.2 or higher, USB Master or OTG 
  • Direct connectivity of the sensors via USB

Software - function overview






Grafical process illustration of    
Torque over time
Torque over angle
Force over time
Force over travel
Automatic sensor identification at connecting
Curve illustration with up to 2,000 samples per second
Supports different physical units
2 limit value montoring windows with internal or external trigger option
Adjustable lowpass filter (10 Hz up to 500 Hz)
Filter for eliminating of current hum, with chooseable frequency (50/60 Hz)
Compare with a reference graphic
Excel-export of the graphic
Listing of measurement results with direct transfer to Excel, with statistic evaluation (cmk-calculation)

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Direct connectivity of the sensors via USB or ethernet
Grafical process illustration of    
Torque over time  
Speed over angle  
Power over time  
Power over angle  
Force over travel  
Cursor function with display of single values  
Second free configurable measurement display window  
Barcode reader support for recurring measurements  
Screw joint analysis to set the final torque  

The HST-TORQ-ANALYZER Software is connected fast and easy with the device and shows values of the screwdriver in a graph with just one click. In the menu on the left the units can be converted (mNm, cNm, Nm, In.Oz, In.lbs and Ft.lbs). Always in the field of vision is the adjustable window on the right side, which can show e.g. the actual value, peak value and the average value.

Through internal and external trigger options each measurement can be adjusted perfectly. Direct connectivity of the sensor with the computer via USB or Ethernet.

Large filter options from 10 - 500 Hz. The software is compatibel with the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and

Windows 10. No need of Com-Port adjustments thanks to the automatic connection of the HST-TORQ-ANALYZER.

In addition, the graphic illustration can switch between the displays of torque / time, torque / angle and rpm / time

(only with TTR sensors). The results can also be shown in a table. Displayed in the HST-TORQ-ANALYZER, stored as a file or as an export to Excel.

The extended window shows detailed speed (rpm) and power results of the last measurement.



Order-no. Description
HST-TORQ-ANALYZER Mesurement software for tablet and PC
HST-TORQ-ANALYZER-BA Mesurement software for tablet and PC basic version
HST-TORQ-ANALYZER-DI Mesurement software for Android 3.2 or higher
HST-TTx Interface extension
HST-TT-90003 Cable sensor / interface extension
HST-TT-90002 Cable USB-A / USB-Mini-B 1.8 m
HST-TT-90006 Cable USB-A / USB-Mini-B 5.0 m
HST-TT-90005 USB-Range-Extender 12 m
HST-TT-90001 Cable sensor analogous 1.5 m
HST-TT-91001 Power adapter 24V DC 1A
HST-TT-03123 5-Pin connector for power supply
HST-TT-KOFFER Suitcase for HST-TTR & -TTS-torque sensors
HST-TTS-MOUNT Table installation set for HST-TTS-torque sensors



This convenient and practical suitcase is special made for our measuring instruments. It offers a high security and a very good shock resistance also for your accessory items.

Furthermore you do not need any other case, because it offers you a lot of free space for your writing pad and pen or even for your tablet.

Mobile measurement case, prepared for

integrating 1-3 intelligent sensors from

the HST-TTS series.


TTR-TTS Series EN mail.pdf
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2016-05-20 Manual TTR-TTS series mail.pd
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* The accuracy is shown in percent of full scale (sensor with a torque range of 1.0 Nm = deviation 0.002 Nm or 0.2cNm)

Warranty terms
Warranty Terms.pdf
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