Repair center

Professional service for professional tools!


Professional tools require professional service.


Our repair center and our staff are ideal for providing this service. Your machines are normally on their way back to you within 48 hours after we receive them for repair. We stock spare parts for all current machines and can thus achieve a very short turnaround time.

Our partners also value the quality of our service.


As a matter of fact, in 2010, the HS-Technik GmbH repair center became the official repair center for HIOS tools in Europe. On-site service with our mobile service department – for large-scale servicing, repair, or update activities, our mobile service department comes directly to you and takes care of everything on-site.

HIOS Repair Center - The official repair center for Europe


  • Highly qualified employees
  • Free cost estimates
  • 3 types of service
    Express (2 working days)
    Standard (3 working days)
    Economy (10 working days)
  • 1-year warranty on exchanged parts
  • Includes repair report


In order to repair your equipment as quickly as possible, we require the following information:

- Product name

- Purchase date

- Description of the malfunction

Contact Service:

Phone: +49 7628 91 11 57

Contact repair center:

Phone: +49 7628 91 11 - 0

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